The Bible Key Lessons

Daily life in Christ

Praying consistently each day

There are many examples in the Bible concerning people who pray. Some that come to mind without even looking them up are Daniel, Hannah, David, Peter, Paul, Jesus and many other people. All of them who were believers mentioned in the Bible.

Prayer involves praising God, worshiping Him, singing hymns, asking for things and remembering to thank Him. Praying is done each time we eat food. Each time we rise or lay down to sleep. We pray without ceasing. We accept in our prayers that God's will must be done, not our will. We are only mentioning the way we want things to be while acknowledging God's wisdom and will in all matters.

Reading the Bible

Historically we find most Christadelphians read their Bibles every day. Many follow a system of reading by which the read the Bible through each year. A system we use is called the Bible Companion. With that system we read the Old Testament once through each year and the New Testament twice through each year. It does not take long to do this each day, and keeps us familiar with all the Bible has to say. When visiting other Christadelphians we often are reading the same things each day because of the Bible Companion system. The system has three passages to read each day -- two from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament.

Telling others about the Truth

Many of us take our responsibility to teach the Truth to others quite seriously. For some of us all we can manage to do is to leave flyers around, or put books about our faith in local libraries. We bring up Bible topics when sitting, eating, or working with other people. We support efforts of our ecclesias to spread the Bible teaching in various ways. Whatever we do, we are all trying to share what we have been given by Christ with other people in an attempt to locate people who want to believe - who want to have faith in God and in His son Jesus.

Make decisions each day based on Scripture

The Bible places many demands on us. In all areas of our lives family, friendship, activities, reading, music, attending parties, celebrating, drinking and eating are all things that can and should be influenced by the teachings of the Bible. When we decide who to marry or not marry we are often yielding to Scripture teaching on the topic - although it may contradict what we would decide on our own. There are decisions we might make to leave a job because it conflicts with the teachings of Christ. We might decide to stop enjoying certain movies or TV shows. We might end friendships (although our beliefs will often make the friends end the friendships for us). We may decide to stop drinking or using drugs. We may sadly end relationships with men or women because they would influence us to deny Christ. These are all common occurences for brothers and sisters in Christ.

Attending to the needs of our neighbors

Our neighbors are not just those who live next door although they should be included too. We will meet many who are in need of clother, shelter, comfort, medical support, food, friendship and many other things. As followers of our Lord Jesus, we have been and continue to be taught how to treat such people as we encounter them. Indeed, we will be judged for how we treat such people. Even giving someone some water at the right time can gain the favor of Christ. We will see people around us being abused and may need to get involved. We may see other things happen and we need to not get involved. When others are being patriotic we will need to stand aside because our country is still being sought and we do not get involved in the politics of the nations. We will be tempted to fight back but are forbidden by God to do so. We may see people get robbed, beaten and hurt in other ways and we must help them when we can.

Raising children.

Many people who form relationships with others either give birth to children or inherit children. Their may be children who attach themselves to us through friendships. We must always take the time to include them in all that we teach about the Bible. Consistent love and instruction about God are required of us. There is never an exuse for not bring up Christ to the young people we are involved with. We should always give thanks to God at meals we share with them. We must try our best to fairly include all the young people around us in such things and not exclude anyone because of their family or circumstance - their intelligence levels - their physical characteristics. Christ demanded we never forbid young people from being involved with our activities.

Standing aside from false churches

We will always have pressures to take part in the false churches around us. We must be very careful to keep our "fellowship" (religious association) with people who believe the Truth in the same way as us. It is very tempting and easy to rationalize close involvement in the religious activities of others. But we remember God demands we come out from those crowds to Him and stay separate from them. If they want Christ and the Truth they can come out from their false religions and join us.


The way of Christians is the way of love. Love is obedience to the teachings of the Bible. We will find as we live our lives hundreds of ways each day to forgive those who wrong us and ways to love the people around us. The Bible applies to every aspect of our lives. Each different thing that happens gives us another chance to shine our light to the dark world we live in. We can turn each burden over to God in prayer - asking Him for wisdom regarding things that happen and asking Him if it is His will - that He interferes to help in every situation we encounter. It is God's pleasure to bring Glory to His Name. We find opportunities for that and should always hope He will be involved.

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